Bodybuilders and fake tan

Achieving the perfect physique is the ultimate goal for bodybuilders, and those who take part in competitions will go to any lengths to ensure their body is pumped and primed for all to see.

Whether a bodybuilder is hoping to be crowned the next Mr Olympia or the UK’s Ultimate Physiques champion, competing at an event is much more than just having the biggest muscles.

When it comes to showcasing the best body in the business, fake tan is a bodybuilder’s ally. Bodybuilding and wearing fake tan go hand in hand, but more than just looking sun-kissed for the sake of it, there are several reasons why bodybuilders turn their torsos the darkest shade of brown possible.

The stage lighting at many bodybuilding competitions is usually very bright and harsh, to help illuminate the contestants’ bodies. If a bodybuilder has pale skin, these unforgiving lights will only make it appear even paler and washed out. Even with ripped muscles and a toned physique, a sullen appearance can be enough to make a bodybuilder lose a competition. Applying fake tan – and plenty of it – can counteract any negative effects of harsh stage lighting.

This lighting can also reveal any imperfections on a bodybuilder’s skin, such as scars, stretch marks, cellulite or pimples, but applying fake tan from head to toe can cleverly conceal any skin problems, making a bodybuilder’s skin appear smooth and blemish-free.

Arguably one of the main reasons that bodybuilders plaster their torso with bronzer before a competition is to define their muscles so they stand out. Fake tan can create a contrast between the soft parts of the body and the angular features, making muscle contours more noticeable and appear bigger. Many bodybuilders use two different colour tones of fake tan to manipulate areas of light and shadow, to give the body a balanced look or to highlight specific areas. Using two tones of fake tan can also cleverly create the illusion of a slimmer physique.

Applying fake tan prior to a competition is serious business for bodybuilders, with many of them hiring professionals to help. Standard fake tan products aren’t used, but instead, special solutions are applied either by spraying the body or painting it on using rollers that look similar to those used for decorating. To perfect the ideal fake tan look, bodybuilders need to be hair free and must avoid wearing moisturiser or deodorant several days prior to an event. Generally, the more tan applied, the better, but the downside of this is that contestants often end up with sore and dry skin – but if they win the title, it’s a small price to pay.

Wearing fake tan for a bodybuilding event might seem like cheating, but it is actually accepted and wholly encouraged by the judges, where contestants often receive feedback for the quality of their tan!

Fake tan can assist in your endeavours to look buff, but the high-quality steroid products available from Strength & Steroids may also help to achieve an award-winning muscular physique.