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The excessive numbers of steroid users is a concern across all the nations in the world. Millions of young men and also women are using these elements for their personal advantages. And it is the reason why many of them are facing different kinds of problems. The stem of such problems is the improper knowledge about the usage of those substances. In majority of the times people are using the wrong elements for the wrong reason. And it often causes various physical problems.

Considering the recent situation, if there is any country where the number of steroid users has increased substantially over the last few years, it is the UK. Over the last few years, thousands of young guys have involved themselves in the use of these elements. Majority of the users are young men. This conception has been confirmed by the South Westminster Drug and Alcohol service also. According to the figures of Home Office, the number of steroid users in the UK is around 60,000 now. But many organizations have disagreed with this figure. In fact, according to the opinion of National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, the number shown by the Home Office is very low. They call it “the tip of the iceberg.” This means that they think the number is much more than the government statistics.

Another very challenging thought has been raised by Roy Jones from South Westminster service. He says, “The number of steroid users in increasing every day.” He also says, “I have been working with steroid users for the last 16 years. In earlier days, the guys who would use these elements were all bodybuilders and the average age was 30 years or more. But now the average age has come down to 23.” This clarifies how these elements have become popular among the professionals as well as among the normal users.

             The average age of steroid users used to be 30 in the earlier days and that has come down to 23 now.

The deputy chief executive of National Institute of Health and Care Institute (NICE), Gillian Leng has also expressed her worry. She says, “It is only fair to admit that the use of steroids is becoming popular among a particular group of young men who are extremely concerned with the way they look. This is why they use injections as the solution.” But this process is not free from any danger. The risk of polluted or unprotected injection is always there and those can lead to various serious diseases.


However, though the Government has said that the figure of steroid users is somewhere around 60, 000. But if the sources and the professionals are to be believed, the number will cross the boundary of a million users. According to many organizations, the number being shown in the reports are only about those people who have ended up visiting the jail. But millions are out there who have not yet got caught. And if that would be the case, the figures would have been completely different.

Questions that often arise in such situation are what anabolic steroid is. This is a Class C drug that is mostly used for the physical improvement of humans. This can either be injected or can be used as tablet or powder. Around 100s of different kinds of steroids are available there on the internet. A huge number of people use these elements since using steroids is not illegal. While one is not allowed to sell or distribute steroids to any person. That would be illegal. Its performance enhancing ability is known to all and it also influences the growth of muscles as well. But there are side effects as well of using these substances like acne, excessive hair fall, liver function damage, heart problem etc.

The only way to stay out of the side effects of steroid usage is to buy anabolic steroids from genuine sources. A shopping mall security guard in the UK has admitted (anonymously), “I am using steroids for the last three years and I started using these elements when I first got the job of security. I think that it’s a part of my job.” He also says, “I know that purchasing these substances is not legal in the UK but I can’t help it. If I have to do my job efficiently, I must use these elements.” This sort of conception belongs to thousands of users. They consider the use of these substances for the sake of their performance in their working field. And you would be surprised to know that doctors, police men, army men all are there in this category.

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