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The craze for bodybuilding drugs has always been there among the users since the beginning. In fact, till a certain point of time after the invention of steroids these elements were only known as a bodybuilding or bulking up element. These were only used by those who wanted to bulk up their muscles and achieve a muscular physique. After that with different requirement of the individual, cutting drugs were introduced in the market. But even today, the demand for muscle increasing drugs is at sky high. And one of the most eminent names in the arena of bulking drugs is Anadrol 50. It is a decades old drug and regarded to be one of the strongest and most effective in its class.

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Anadrol 50 is basically the well-known brand name of steroid ingredient Oxymetholone. It is quite hard to find a single bodybuilder who hasn’t used this drug ever in his bodybuilding career. Such is the acceptance and reliability of this drug. Both anabolic and androgenic properties of this drug are strong enough to produce magnificent outcomes. Within merely few weeks of starting this drug, users can experience gain of around 20 to 30 pounds of muscle mass. The required dosage to achieve such result is just 50 to 100mg on a daily basis. The energy and strength gain by this drug is quite impressive.

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