Expose the Truth About Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone is basically a male sex hormone that is responsible for the development of many physical as well as emotional features of men. Secondary sexual characteristics of men such as deeper voice, increased hair growth, muscle growth all are associated with this hormone directly. It allows the muscles to retain more nitrogen that in turn helps the muscle synthesize proteins. And more protein synthesize means more muscle and strength gain. The key disadvantage of this hormone is that it aromatizes or turns into estrogen. Excessive estrogen in the body may develop female characteristics like increased chest.

However, because of its various advantages in body growth, it is used as the key ingredient for most of the steroids. In fact steroids are meant to imitate the functions of this effective body hormone. Test Cypionate is one of the numerous testosterone ester combinations. It is one of the longest-estered steroids, currently available in the market. It is available in injectable form and has a long lasting half life of around 14 to 16 days. Because of its long reaction ability in the body it holds more water between the muscles and this steroid combination is mostly used as a bulking agent with the combination of other steroids.

Since it is exclusively manufactured in the USA, it is highly liked by USA athletes and sports person. Like all testosterone steroids, this one also provides considerable muscle and strength gain. A weekly dosage of 200 to 800mg of this steroid is considered to be enough of producing noticeable gains. Being one of the most popular testosterone ester, it is available in most of the online drug stores at a much reasonable cost. Larger dosage is basically not required for better results rather it will enhance the possibility of side effects. Dosage above 800 or 1000mg will surely cause water retention to an extent that will outweigh the muscle gain.