Can I put Seeds and Nuts in my Smoothie?

If you’re interested in a healthy lifestyle, smoothies are easy and quick to prepare, with lots of options to choose from. Versatile, nutritious and flavoursome, they are perfect at any time of the day.


What makes smoothies so popular is that there’s something for every taste. Traditionally, most people add a selection of fruits to the mix, with milk or yoghurt but to increase the nutritional content, vegetables such as spinach, kale and cucumber have become top contenders for smoothie recipes in recent times.

Fruit and vegetables aside, there are lots of other ingredients that you can add to a smoothie, with nuts and seeds proving to be popular options. There are many different varieties of nuts and seeds you can include in a smoothie, each bringing its own list of health benefits. Nuts and seeds also give a smoothie a really delicious flavour and texture, and you only need a spoonful to give your drink an added taste boost. You may need to soak some nuts overnight to soften them, if you don’t have a high-powered blender. Here are a few options to consider:


Chia seeds

Currently a firm favourite amongst health aficionados, chia seeds blend in superbly in any smoothie mix. They’re a notable source of protein, fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and manganese – the list goes on!


Hemp seeds

You’ll find all nine essential amino acids in hemp seeds, making them one of the best sources of natural ‘complete’ proteins. They’re also renowned for their anti-inflammatory properties. Sprinkle hemp seeds in your smoothie for a nutty twist.


Flax seeds

One of the highest sources of healthy fats, putting ground flax seeds in a smoothie can help to maintain your heart health. Research also suggests that flax seeds can burn fat, so they could be useful for those looking to lose weight.



For a sweet, buttery taste, add a handful of pecan nuts to your smoothie. These tasty nuts score top marks when it comes to vitamin and mineral content, boasting around 19 different types. They mix well with bananas, spinach, blueberries and oats, so they’re a versatile smoothie ingredient.


Brazil nuts

One of the best sources of selenium, these nuts offer outstanding anti-inflammatory properties and can regulate mood and thyroid levels. Include a few nuts in your smoothie and you’ll get a mild, creamy taste akin to almond or coconut. Brazil nuts make great bedfellows in a smoothie with avocado, berries, spinach or lettuce.



Rich in antioxidants, almonds can also help to lower bad cholesterol. If you want to enjoy the benefits of nuts in a smoothie, without an overpowering nutty taste, almonds are a good choice as they bring a very delicate flavour to the table. Some even reckon they have a slight cherry tone. Almonds blend well with apple, pumpkin, pineapple and strawberry.

Nuts and seeds added to your smoothies can boost your health. If you’re looking for other options to contribute to your fitness regime, you may find the array of high-quality steroid products from Strength & Steroids useful.