Don’t Waste your Fresh Fruit and Veg

Food waste is a global problem. Experts reckon that around a third of all food produced is wasted, with fruit and vegetables topping the list. In the UK alone, 1.9 million tonnes of food is wasted every year, yet, ironically 8.4 million Brits can’t afford to eat properly.

With these shocking statistics in mind, everyone should do their bit to reduce food wastage. The good news is, it’s surprisingly easy to keep food, especially fruit and veg, from heading to the landfill. Here are some simple tips that everyone can follow.


Only buy what you need

Avoid waste by only buying what you need. Make meal plans before you do your weekly shop and estimate ingredient amounts or portions needed. If you’re unsure how much fruit or veg you need, stock up on frozen or canned equivalents as a back-up. Get into the habit of doing regular fridge checks at home, so you know what you’ve got before it goes off.


Don’t get hung up on sell-by dates

Don’t rely on sell-by dates on fruit or veg to determine if they’re edible or not. You can usually tell if an item is still fit for consumption by looking at it or smelling it. Interestingly, potatoes, apples or squashes can be kept for many months if stored correctly!


Know how to store your fruit and veg

On the subject of correct storage, you can get extra shelf life from your fresh produce if you learn what conditions they prefer. Some fruits and veggies like to be stored in the fridge, while others are best kept in a cool, dark place, or even at room temperature. Some fruit and veg shouldn’t be stored together as they quicken ripening, making them spoil sooner. For example, bananas release a ripening gas, so keep these away from other produce.


Make soups and smoothies

When fruit and veg are on the turn, toss them into a blender and make batches of hearty soups or smoothies, thus reducing wastage. Any leftovers can be stored in the freezer for another day.


Bring items back to life

Limp greens can be given a new lease of life by placing them in some water, so revive your veg before you retire them to the bin.


Use the whole item

Many parts of fruit and veg that you might normally throw away can actually be eaten. These include the tops of carrots, beetroots or Brussels sprouts, as well as the chunky stalks of greens. Cook potatoes whole without peeling the skin off for a generous dose of gut-friendly fibre.

When you’ve finished citrus fruit, grate the skin rind and add to cake mixtures, or place the skins on radiators to serve as natural air fresheners.

Many leftover parts of fruit or veg can even be planted in the garden to grow new crops, for free!


Get composting

Some fruit and veg waste is inevitable, but instead of giving it a one-way ticket to the landfill site, help it make your garden grow by composting leftovers.

Not wasting fruit and veg can help you to save money, and keep your diet healthy. For other ways to stay in shape and improve your body strength, why not consider the wide range of authentic steroid products from Strength & Steroids?