Ensure your Safety While Using Steroids with your Knowledge

The application ratio of steroids in the bodybuilding field has increased drastically over the last few years. Though the use of steroids in the bodybuilding field is nothing new, it has been there for many decades but recently it has flourished dramatically. The most common need of bodybuilding or any sport these days is steroid. The concept is somewhat like this you can’t survive in the competition unless you use these elements. This sort of thinking is destructive for the young generation. It’s sending a completely wrong message to them which has got a lot to do with their health and their overall physique.

Is it wrong to use steroids in the sports field or bodybuilding field? If is it so then why do sports person or professional bodybuilders use these elements? The answer is ‘NO’ according to a veteran Sri Lankan bodybuilder who has experience of around 27 years in this field and has won numerous National and International titles. On the occasion of his second book launch about bodybuilding, he has expressed his concerns regarding the excessive use of steroids. Though, he has made it very clear that he is not against of using steroids or PEDs but he has questioned the way these elements are being used these days.

He has blamed the open economy system and the national authorities for this sort of incidents. Today’s young generation is the victim of a wrong perception that they must use steroids in large quantities in order to reach to their goals. Being driven by such thoughts they are using steroids with over dose.

And some dishonest drug suppliers are taking the advantage of such perceptions. They are handing over faked elements to the Gyms and other bodybuilding centers and forcing the Gyms to push those drugs to the users. The Gym owners are also making money out of this. Basically, no one is bothered about the quality of the elements neither the users nor the suppliers. And the outcomes are in front of us, users having a tough time due to their steroid use. The picture is same in almost every country.

According to the experts, if anything serious is not done with an immediate effect, such incidents will have a great impact on the entire sports field and bodybuilding field for sure. A strong evaluation system is required to combat such situations and everyone should join hands for this purpose. Apart from the strong legal system, it is also a responsibility of the users. If we users don’t face the reality, we can’t solve issues with such a great stature.

Using anabolic steroids is not at all a bad thing or a wrong thing. But users need to be alert at the time of using anabolic steroids and they also have to gather knowledge about the elements, their usage and about everything. It is the responsibility of the users to not believe the suppliers blindly and collect enough knowledge before consuming the drugs because if anything bad happens, it will be you who will have to suffer. So, if not anything, educate yourself about the elements for your sake only.