Exercises to do from a sunbed

Lazing on a sunlounger might seem like indulgent relaxation, but you can still gently stretch, tone and firm your body even when soaking up the sun’s rays. If you want to keep your fitness regime up when the sun shines, here are some top exercises to perform from your sunbed.


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Knee raises

Legs, knees and hips get a workout with this sunbed-based move. Start flat on your back, with your hands holding onto the edges of the lounger. Bend both knees and slowly bring them up to your chest. Lower your legs and repeat the sequence another 10 times.


Arm toners

Keeping a bottle of water to hand is essential when the weather hots up, but a full water bottle is also useful for getting your arms and shoulders in tip-top shape. For this exercise, you can sit up on your lounger. Take your water bottle in one hand and stretch your arm out to the side. Rotate this hand 20 times, and then repeat the circular movements a further 20 times in the opposite direction. Switch the water bottle to the other hand and repeat on that side.

A slight variation focuses on firming up the triceps – perfect for those who are self-conscious of their bingo wings. With this movement, lie on your stomach on the sunbed. Take the water bottle in one hand, and extend the arm outwards, behind your back. Repeat with the other arm. Approximately 15 repetitions should get any flabby arm muscles into gear.


Leg raises

Lying flat on your back on the sunlounger, keep one leg bent and the other straight. Slowly raise your straight leg into the air, hold the pose and then gently bring your leg back down again. Repeat on the opposite leg. Carry these repetitions out about 10 times to firm and tone your entire leg muscles. For a more energetic leg workout, lie down and lift both legs, moving them as though you’re pedalling a bike in mid-air.


Tummy toners

A flabby tummy can be firmed up with sit-up exercises, and what better time to do these than lounging on a sunbed? Lie flat on your back, raising your arms in front of you. Slowly pull yourself up off the lounger to a sitting position. Hold the pose for a second or two, then lower your body back down. Repeat 10 times.


Neck stretcher

If you fall asleep on your sunbed, you could wake up with a crick in your neck. Not to worry, as you can loosen stiff neck muscles by gently exercising the neck while you lay down. Simply lie flat on your back and turn your head fully to the right-hand side. Bring it back to the middle and then turn your head to the left side. Next, tip your head forward slightly so you’re looking at your feet. Return your head to the starting position. Repeat this five times.


Bottom firmer

Taking your full water bottle again, place it between your two feet, as you lie down flat on your stomach. Gently raise your feet with the bottle upwards, and hold for a second or two. You should feel a stretch in the back of your legs and your buttocks. Lower your feet to the sunbed and repeat the movement another 20 times.

Don’t forget to breathe normally for all of these exercises, and ensure you stay hydrated.