Improve your Posture with these Exercises

Maintaining a good posture is really important for a multitude of reasons.

Back pain

If you sit up straight and stand tall, you’ll achieve a sense of balance and coordination. A good posture with correct balance can prevent you from injuring yourself during exercise and may reduce the number of aches and pains in your back. Moreover, when your posture is correct, you don’t slouch, which can cause a hunched back and shoulders over time.

Experts even argue that maintaining a good posture can promote positive digestive health, as your intestines aren’t scrunched up from slouching, allowing food to pass through the gut easily. When your posture is good, and you stand tall, you feel more confident and assertive – you may even look slimmer!

How can you achieve a good posture? It’s all about focusing on your core muscles. Exercising your core muscles strengthens your back, hips and abdomen, improving the way you carry yourself. Core exercises also relax tightened muscles, which may prevent you from sitting up straight. Here are a few key movements that can improve your core and posture.


Shoulder rolls

It’s easy to get into a hunched position if you spend all day at a computer or behind the wheel of a car. To counteract this, and return good form to your shoulders, simple stretches can release tightened muscles. Shoulder roll exercises are easy to perform and can even be done sitting at your desk. Simply raise your shoulders towards your ears and inhale. Release your shoulder blades downwards on an exhaling breath. Repeat several times.


Spine relaxer

Fix a bad posture by spending 20 minutes each day correcting your technique. This exercise involves lying on the floor, with books underneath your head to provide up to 9cm of support off the ground. Knees should be slightly bent, and your hands resting between your ribs and hips. Allow your spine to relax into a natural curving position. After a while, you’ll feel your spine soften and the muscles in your back become less tense. This exercise is also good for meditating at the same time.


The plank

No core exercise routine would be complete without the plank, as it’s one of the best for strengthening your core and improving your posture. There are different variations to choose from, so find a pose that suits you best. For the standard plank pose, lie face down on the floor with forearms on the ground, and the rest of your body stretched out straight. Hold the pose for half a minute or so. This is also a good exercise if you want to keep your abdominal muscles in check.


Standing side bend

This exercise stretches the sides of your body and shoulders, relaxing stressed-out muscles. In a standing position, touch your head with your left hand. Move your head to the right until you feel a stretch along the left side of your body. Swap sides.

A strong core and good posture can contribute towards your ideal body goals, but for further assistance in honing your physique, take a look at the high-quality steroid products at Strength & Steroids.