Exercises to do from a sunbed

Lazing on a sunlounger might seem like indulgent relaxation, but you can still gently stretch, tone and firm your body even when soaking up the sun’s rays. If you want to keep your fitness regime up when the sun shines, here are some top exercises to perform from your sunbed. (more…)

Why join a mermaid swimming class?

Being a mermaid might seem like the stuff of Disney movies, but there’s a new wave of swimming classes popping up that are turning dreams of being a mermaid into a reality.  (more…)

Common mistakes every gym newbie should avoid

It’s great news that you’ve decided to join a gym, but in order to ensure you enjoy a long-lasting and fruitful partnership, it’s important to avoid common mistakes that many gym newbies make. (more…)

Bust your bingo wings

Bingo wings is an odd, rather unflattering expression. It refers to the fatty skin under the triceps at the top of the arm. Rumour has it that bingo wings got its name from women waving their arms with their winning ticket at bingo, with the flabby skin resembling a wing. (more…)

Essential guide to choosing the right trainers

With the vast range of styles, colours and brands of trainers available, you’re spoiled for choice. However, if you play sports, choosing the wrong footwear could cause pain and injuries, since different activities exert pressure on various parts of the feet. (more…)

Join a ballet class to improve your fitness

Think of ballet and images of little girls in pink tutus spring to mind. But, with ballet’s raft of health benefits, even adults are now eager to get a piece of the action. (more…)

Mental Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

Pets are important to Brits: one-in-four of us owns a dog, while nearly one-in-five people have a cat. Quite simply, owning a pet is a pleasure, but mounting research also suggests that it’s good for our mental health. Indeed, one survey found that 74% of people enjoyed improved mental health benefits from owning a pet. Here’s how this is possible. (more…)

Health Benefits of Growing your Own Food

As more and more people take an interest in the provenance of their food, there’s a growing trend to grow your own. Whether you plant up a pot of herbs on your windowsill or devote a patch of your plot to growing fruit and veg, growing your own comes with a raft of health benefits. (more…)

Surprising Facts about Obesity

Obesity is a major global problem – and the situation doesn’t look to be improving any time soon. Statistics show that worldwide 107.7 million children and a staggering 603.7 million adults are classed as obese, with rates of obesity doubling since 1980 alone. (more…)

Top Tips to Get your Body Beach Ready

Warmer days are always welcoming, but if the thought of exposing your flesh is filling you with dread, it’s time to take some action. Here are some effective ways to get your body primed for hitting the beach. (more…)