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Millions of Britons on the lookout for quick physical fix through steroids

“I am a gym instructor. I have been teaching young people predominantly the way of pushing their limits. And I will not hesitate to confess that I tell my guys to use steroids to achieve what they want. The use of these elements impact in the body energy level and that leads them to put more effort in bodybuilding” says Rob Gartner a famous gym instructor in the UK.

“I am a police officer and I don’t feel it is wrong to use steroids. I use these substances to become more efficient in my job. Majority of the times I alone can take on three to four criminals easily. It makes me feel good and provide me the strength I need to keep my city crime-free. This is not for me, this is for my city” says a London police officer (name withheld).

The above two confessions quite illustrate the picture of steroids use in the UK in front of us. There is no denying that the use of these supplements has become the reason of concern for the health department of many cities in the UK but the irony is no strong step is being taken to confront the situation. This somehow shows that advantages of using these substances are unavoidable.

“I use these substances to become more efficient in my job. It makes me feel good and provide me the strength I need to keep my city crime-free.”

The officials of Public Health England have also admitted this fact. In an interview Peter Burkinshaw of PHE has said, “More does need to be done, this is a growing issue, there are significant health harms associated with steroids.”

These statements point out the fingers at the increasing number of steroid use in the United Kingdom. Though there is no specific figure yet discovered regarding the exact number of steroid users in the UK but according to various sources and on the assumptions of the sellers the number is more than one million roughly. The use of PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) has increased 70% and the overall dosage has increased from 1.5 million to 2.5 million.

In such an enormous situation what needs to be done is to educate people regarding the use of these substances. This is the only way to stop people from being affected. Already cases of various blood related problems are coming in the picture since the use of injectable steroids in increasing. On the other hand, different kinds of liver problems are also occurring among the users because of the oral steroids. While using oral steroids the liver has to deal with the toxin of the elements this is why it gets damaged many of the times.

These are the issues which need to be educated. Once the users learn the bad effects of the usage they will keep them away from those elements. And if we look at the broader aspect, using these elements is not that bad what normal people think of them. If these elements are used properly, this can be a great advantage for any nation. Just what we hear from the police man, there is nothing wrong in it. When the use of these substances can improve the work ability of any person, why not using them? But users need to b educated at first. When they are completely aware of the rights and wrongs and ins and outs of the usage procedure, they will automatically rectify themselves.

But the real concern is to prevent the under aged children from using these substances. According to the reports, children as young as 13 to 15 years are using steroids. Joseph Keane, the man who runs The Bridge drug project in Bradford says, “It’s all to look good on a Friday night, and it is predominantly 15 to 25-year-olds.I have had a 15-year-old injecting steroids straight into his chest, and I have heard anecdotally of guys as young as 13. That is the sort of pressure that is on them to look good from a young age.” This is something that may cause serious trouble for an entire generation.

“I have had a 15-year-old injecting steroids straight into his chest, and I have heard anecdotally of guys as young as 13.”

The use of these elements varies from person to person. Different people use these substances for different purposes. This is a matter of the human psychology. While many people use these substances to look good (teenagers belong to this category), others use these substances to look bigger with big muscles. Many people especially the women use these elements to reduce their body fats effectively and quickly.

With all these a question that is sure to arise is the source of steroids. There is no way to stop the purchasing of steroids and this is because of the introduction of online steroid stores. Steroids in most of the countries are purchased from online stores since this offers various advantages which are not available with any other store. And this is not the scenario in the UK; this process has been accepted by all the countries where steroid users are present.

But there is a problem with the online stores. And this problem is the presence of both legitimate and fake steroid suppliers on the internet. A number of steroid suppliers are there who offer poor quality steroids to the users just to make more money out of this process. In such cases users can hardly do anything even if they are well-educated about the right steroid using procedure. So, identifying a legitimate steroid store is extremely important. If you are looking for such a store on the internet then you can always get in touch with Stregthandsteroid. This is one of the most well-known steroid suppliers on the internet that has the reputation of offering genuine quality anabolic steroids UK from the best manufacturers in the world.