Supplements for your New Year workouts

With a New Year fast approaching, many people will be thinking ahead to their health and fitness goals for 2019. While hitting the gym and following a healthy diet can assist in your body toning goals, supplements can provide a welcome helping hand, too.

When devising your workout routines for the New Year, consider how the following supplements could be of benefit to you.


Whey protein

If you’re looking to build muscle, you’ll appreciate the important role protein plays in achieving this aim. Experts claim you need to consume around 1.4g of protein per kilogram of body weight to gain muscle mass. While there are plenty of foods available that are rich in protein, some of them can be high in fat, too, which isn’t desirable. This often makes it difficult to know which sources of protein to consume! Whey protein can assist in ensuring you get your required protein intake. As one of the most widely researched supplements, whey protein is considered safe to use. It is also very convenient and can be added to shakes or smoothies, for a pre- or post-workout muscle-fuelling protein hit.



Another well-researched supplement that gets the thumbs up from gym-goers is creatine. Studies have shown that this supplement can boost muscle growth while increasing energy and stamina. If your New Year workouts will involve high-intensity activities, such as weight lifting or pounding the treadmill, this supplement is considered especially useful. Aim for around 5g per day and mix into a shake for consumption before or after your workout.



A handy little supplement, casein essentially delivers a supply of protein to your body that is released slowly. This means that when your body is at rest, ie, when you sleep, a casein supplement can prevent the breakdown of muscle, which happens when your body fasts for a period of time. As well as helping to increase muscle growth, experts claim casein can assist with fat loss and may boost the immune system.



If you’re starting a new exercise regime, your body might need a helping hand to ensure it’s got all the adequate vitamins it needs to function optimally. Lack of vitamins may affect metabolic reactions in the body, which could hinder your energy levels and performance at the gym. Choose a good-quality multi-vitamin for maximum benefits, and, at this time of year, when natural sunlight is limited, make sure the supplement contains the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin D.


Omega 3

Omega 3 oils are found in oily fish, such as salmon or sardines, and they are known to deliver a whole raft of health benefits. As well as being good for heart health, omega 3 fish oils help to reduce inflammation in the body and could even aid weight loss. From a gym-goer’s point of view, omega 3 helps to protect joints and tendons and may prevent muscle soreness after workouts.



Most people tend to get enough copper from their diet, but, in some cases, taking a copper supplement could prove useful for exercisers. While too much copper may be harmful, the NHS advises that 1mg or less of a copper supplement shouldn’t cause any concern. Copper boosts the immune system and can promote strength in bones, but from a weightlifter’s perspective, this important mineral has been found to strengthen the tendons.

Supplements can certainly prove their worth in your New Year workout repertoire. For an even greater choice of superior quality supplement options, take a look to see what Strength & Steroids has to offer.