Try the Steak Diet!

Most people enjoy tucking into a juicy steak, and as well as being full of flavour, it’s a rich source of protein, iron, zinc and vitamin B12. Being high in saturated fat and calories, steak is often off the menu for those wanting to get trim – unless you follow the Steak Lover’s Diet!


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Introducing the Steak Lover’s Diet

Medical psychoanalyst Dr. Melvin Anchell published a book in 1998 entitled the Steak Lover’s Diet. He prescribed that it was possible to still eat and enjoy steak while losing weight. In fact, Dr. Anchell isn’t the only one to have made these claims in times gone by. As far back as 1862, a medic named Dr. Harvey suggested eating red meat to lose pounds.


Meal ingredients

According to Dr. Anchell, if you want to follow the Steak Lover’s Diet and lose weight, you can serve meat at two or three meals daily. However, meat should be of a good quality and not include any hidden carbohydrates, such as fillers, dextrose or meat extenders. With each meal, you can also include a medium-sized potato or sweet potato, or some cooked rice. Sugar-free condiments can be added to your meal, with mayonnaise, butter, oil, mustard and hot sauce all acceptable choices.

Small amounts of fruit can be eaten as part of the Steak Lover’s Diet, where you can indulge in a banana, pear, half a grapefruit, a medium slice of watermelon, or three-quarters of a cup of grapes, raspberries or blueberries.


What about drinks?

There are some limitations to the Steak Lover’s Diet with regards to what beverages you can and can’t consume. Artificially sweetened drinks are out, but water, tea and black coffee are all permitted. Alcohol isn’t off limits either, but those containing sugar, such as beer, wine, liqueurs and mixed drinks, are best avoided. If you do enjoy the odd tipple, Dr. Anchell gives the green light for occasional drops of whisky, gin, vodka and bourbon, either straight or mixed with water or soda.



Unlike many other types of restrictive diets, Dr. Anchell argues that the Steak Lover’s Diet doesn’t leave people feeling hungry or suffering from cravings. In fact, he claims that advocates enjoy feeling satisfied and full, making them less likely to snack in-between meals and subsequently put on weight. This makes sense from a scientific point of view, as steak is a rich source of protein – and protein is famous for making you feel fuller and satiated for longer.

The Steak Lover’s Diet is also less punishing than other diets, in that you can still enjoy certain alcoholic drinks, and it doesn’t exclude fruit and vegetables. As there’s some variety to this diet, those who follow it are less likely to find it a chore, which means they’re more likely to stick at it for longer.

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