Try these Fruits out this Summer

A varied diet is important. It ensures your body is getting a wide range of nutrients. Let’s face it, if you eat the same things all the time it can get boring!

Even if you think you’ve tasted everything there is to eat, there are bound to be a few items that haven’t been ticked off your list. With summer in full swing, why not introduce some unknown fruits to your taste buds? As well as ringing in the changes, these fruits can provide a whole host of nutritional benefits. Find them at large supermarkets, speciality grocery stores or markets.



Also known as golden berries or cape gooseberries, these small orange fruits are native to South America, but plants can be grown in the UK under the right conditions. Similar in appearance to an orange tomato, physalis berries have a sweet-sour flavour that makes them perfect for savoury or sweet dishes. They pack a nutritional punch, too, being rich in vitamins A, B and C.

Physalis Fruit



If you visit a Chinese restaurant, you’ll probably find lychees on the desserts menu, but these small grape-like fruits are also frequently found in supermarket aisles in the tinned-fruit section. Lychees are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, and they’re also a useful source of fibre. They have a tantalising floral aroma and a super sweet flavour, so they’ll satisfy any sweet tooth.



Native to Southeast Asia, jackfruit is the largest tree fruit in the world. You won’t find it in most supermarkets, so you’ll have to hunt it down in a specialist Asian grocery store, where it’s often sold fresh or sliced. Jackfruit has a sweet taste of apples/bananas, so if you’re craving a sugary snack without the guilt trip, this is a great option. It can be added to sweeten cakes or make custard, and with its meaty texture, it makes an interesting ingredient in curries. This exotic fruit is known for boosting energy levels, so it could make a useful snack before or after exercising.


Passion fruit

Fresh passion fruit is becoming easier to find in supermarkets at any time of year, so it’s worth adding some to your trolley. This highly aromatic tropical fruit native to South America is best enjoyed when its skin turns wrinkly. The seeds can be scooped out and eaten on their own, or added to salads or desserts for a tasty treat. Nutrition wise, passion fruit scores top marks. It’s rich in vitamins A and C, iron, magnesium, potassium, fibre and protein.



This small orange fruit is native to China and a member of the rose family. If you’ve got a sunny, sheltered spot in your garden, you could even grow this plant in the UK. Loquats ripen in spring so you can eat them fresh at this time of year, but they can also be found in cans in Chinese supermarkets. With a moreish taste that’s reminiscent of mango and peach, this is a great fruit to try out for a summery flavour. Packed with vitamins and minerals, loquats are also low in calories and contain healthy fatty acids.

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