Why join a mermaid swimming class?

Being a mermaid might seem like the stuff of Disney movies, but there’s a new wave of swimming classes popping up that are turning dreams of being a mermaid into a reality. 

© Andrea Izzotti  / Adobe Stock

What is mermaid swimming?

Essentially, mermaid swimming is a form of swimming where you wear a single, or mono, fin on your feet, that acts like a giant flipper. Mermaid swimming might seem like a new concept, but, actually, professional divers, military personnel and scientists who work underwater often wear mono-fins as it makes them swim faster.

Mermaid swimming involves moving underwater, using your legs and body to propel you along as you wear a fin. There are various techniques you need to learn to swim like a mermaid, with the dolphin kick being one of them. This involves a fish-like motion using your entire body.

Many people liken mermaid swimming as a cross between synchronised swimming and free diving. Because you need to learn how to hold your breath underwater and move the fin effectively, it’s always a good idea to take lessons from a qualified mermaid swimming instructor.

If you’re pondering whether mermaid swimming is right for you, here are some convincing benefits of this increasingly popular activity.


It’s fun

It doesn’t need spelling out, but swimming like a mermaid is great fun, no matter what your age. Mermaid swimming classes are available for adults and children alike, and you don’t necessarily need to be a competent swimmer to get involved.

In particular, kids reluctant or lacking the confidence to get in the water may feel motivated by joining a mermaid swimming class, letting them live out their Disney-inspired fantasies. By providing a fun experience, this activity may even help to lower stress levels.


Full-body workout

Aside from the fun factor, mermaid swimming does great things for your body. It exercises all the muscles, from top to toe, and provides a more intense and challenging workout compared to normal swimming. Plus, wearing a mono-fin makes you swim faster, so it’s a superb way to increase your performance and stamina in the pool.


Great for core strength

Many people assume that mermaid swimming mostly involves using the leg muscles. While this is true, the dolphin kick movements that you need to make to move around also place demands on your core. Therefore, if you’re looking for an activity to strengthen your core, mermaid swimming scores top marks.


Cardio and strength combined

Mermaid swimming kills two birds with one stone when it comes to exercising, as it’s not only a notable form of strength training – toning your glutes, abs and thighs – but it’s also a top-notch cardio activity. Swimming underwater and moving like a fish gets your heart rate going and blood pumping around your body.


Varying intensity

You can make mermaid swimming as easy or as intense as you like by altering the movements you make with your fin. For example, rapid dolphin kicks make for a faster swim, while little sculling motions make swimming easier.


Low impact

Like normal swimming, its mermaid cousin is a low-impact, flexible activity that doesn’t put any pressure on the joints. This makes it ideal for those who struggle with pain when performing other exercises. Some mermaid swimmers even report reduced aches and pains after sessions.



Since elements of synchronised swimming are incorporated into mermaid swimming lessons, this means you need to coordinate movements with fellow mermaids. This teaches participants the importance of working in a team, which is especially useful for those of a younger age. Most importantly, mermaid swimming offers a great way to socialise in the pool with like-minded mermaid enthusiasts.