Workout no Matter the Weather

It’s easy to talk yourself out of exercising at the best of times, but when it’s pouring with rain or blowing a gale, you won’t need much convincing to stay indoors. Yet, just because the weather has turned sour shouldn’t mean your exercise plans have to fly out the window. There are plenty of options to keep fit, no matter what Mother Nature has got up her sleeve.


Spin cycling

Pedalling in bad weather isn’t much fun, and it can be dangerous if it affects your visibility or balance. Instead, look for your nearest indoor cycling (or spin) class. They’re all the rage now, so finding one locally should be relatively easy. Spin classes offer more than just cycling, as you learn various movements and techniques, and you can even use hand weights. So, you get to work a variety of muscle groups including glutes, hamstrings and your core. If you can’t make it to a spin class, invest in your own exercise bike.



Why pound the pavements when trampolining has proved to be more effective than running? Trampoline parks are everywhere these days, and as well as being great fun, trampolines are a fantastic source of exercise, helping to boost your strength, coordination, stamina and agility. Plus, they’ll get your heart pumping, so they ensure a brilliant cardio workout.


Exercise at home

If the weather is misbehaving and stepping out the front door isn’t a tempting proposition, bring the gym to your home instead. Grab a couple of tins of beans, packets of flour or large books and turn them into makeshift weights for exercising the arm muscles. Perform squats and lunges in your living room to build core strength and exercise the pelvic region. Use the bottom step of your stairs as an effective means to get your leg muscles pumping. Burpees are another great option that can be done at home, involving squatting on the floor, jumping to a plank position, jumping back in and then standing up – this exercise alone will see you slash over 100 calories in just 10 minutes.



Skipping ropes are incredibly portable, so no matter what the weather, you can get skipping wherever you are. If skipping indoors, choose an area clear of objects and make sure there’s enough floor to ceiling height. Skipping offers a fantastic cardio workout, and a 20 minute session will burn an impressive 220 calories.



Resting in-between exercise sessions is important to help muscle growth, repair and recovery, so if the weather sucks and you’ve been keeping to a regular exercise regime, don’t feel too guilty if you miss the odd gym session. Instead, use this time to carry out a few gentle yoga or meditation exercises at home. This can benefit your mind as much as your body, helping to control your breathing, reduce stress or anxiety, and get you recharged ready for your next gym session.

Whatever the weather, we all need a helping hand to support a fitness routine, and with the wide range of steroid supplement solutions from Strength & Steroids, you can get your fitness levels on track.