Workouts for a Greek God Body

When many bodybuilders start training, achieving a Greek God body is often their ultimate goal. Achieving this look is about building lean, solid muscles that are well defined and proportionate, whilst gaining mass without piling on the fat. If you have achieved a V-shaped back, round powerful shoulders and a toned chest, particularly in the upper chest region, you’ve perfected the Greek God body look.

Following the Greek God body workout programme can put you on the path to securing this highly sought-after physique. It focuses on building muscles in targeted areas, namely the upper portion of the body, so it looks chiselled and highly defined. A Greek God body is represented by a powerful upper body that is lean with a dense 8-9% body fat.

Transforming your body into a Greek God stature isn’t about pounding weights down at the gym every day, so for anyone who calls the gym their second home, this style of workout training won’t be their cup of tea.

In fact, you only need to hit the gym three days per week, on non-consecutive days, to perfect this look – so, it’s the kind of workout regime that can easily fit into any busy schedule.

Once you’re at the gym, the workouts aren’t overly strenuous either, so excessive sets and reps aren’t a feature. Also, a minimalist level of training is core to the programme. Having rest days is vital to allow your muscles and nervous system to recover and gain the required mass.

The workouts in this regime focus on key lifts that pay attention to the upper body muscles.

Within the programme, the strength and density split helps to build solid muscles, whilst a full series of specialisation routines work on muscle groups that are hard to tame and can conquer strength plateaus. In addition, the workouts include ‘Minimal Effort Growth Acceleration’ (or MEGA) training that hones the muscles, thus creating solid mass that is proportionate.

Typical workout exercises that promote a Greek God body include weighted pull-ups and chin-ups, which can build muscle in the back. The incline barbell press is also one to focus on, as this creates a square-like chest and fills in the muscles in the upper chest region, whilst also forming a defined line down the centre of the chest. Adding the standing press to your routine also helps shoulder growth and upper body strength.

Building relative strength and perfecting strength progressions is the key to establishing a killer Greek God body, as this will build solid muscles and reduce the amount of strength plateaus you encounter.

Nutrition is also of paramount importance if you are attempting the Greek God body workout programme. Loading up on food to build muscle is esseential, but this needs to be achieved in a structured way so that the additional calories are allocated for muscle growth and not fat storage.

If you’ve set your sights on the infamous Greek God physique, Strength & Steroids can offer a helping hand… move over, Adonis!