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Tri Trenbolone - Magnus Pharmaceuticals


Tri Trenabol (Tri tren or Trenbolone Blend) is an extremely powerful steroid blend that contains three active trenbolone compounds mixed together in a single unit. It belongs to the 19th-nor classification, which is the same as Nandrolone and refers testosterone hormone without carbon atom.

Trenabolone hormone is a variation of Nandrolone hormone with added double bond at carbons 9 and 11. This slight variation in the structure makes it a unique hormone with amazing effects that include slowing down your metabolism, increasing the androgen affinity and preventing the hormone from aromatizing.

Tri Trenabol is most effective anabolic steroid available on the market in terms of covering a vast array of positive benefits whilst also being so versatile that it can successfully be integrated into either a cutting or bulking cycle for fantastic results.

Tri Trenabol is a fantastic cutting steroid as well as a bulking steroid. It does not aromatize meaning every last ounce of weight gained will be muscle tissue and with adequate calories it will be significant. Using Tri Trenabol, users should also find he gains less fat during his off season phase of training. This off season growth requires excess calories and this can lead to fat gain. So, even with Trenbolone some fat gain may occur. Hence, if we do not overdo the excess consumption and supplement with steroids like Tri Trenabol, off season body fat gain will be minimized.

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